cant upload

2014-04-18 03:11:29 by tintheartist

so i drew a thing, problem is i cant upload it, i was having trouble getting it up, the uploader kept saying it cant be over 2500000 pixels, thing is its not that big, i eventually got it to work and now it dosnt show up any were, not in the portal or in my art submisions, what do i do? 

so last night thanks to who brought this to some major attention,  and have been stealing peoples content, 

not untill just recently they started completley removing some water marks, and adding there own water mark to picture's, as you can see its also not just a blog but also a website running adds, 
this means there making money on peoples hard work with out even sourcing, or getting there permission,
we've tried to tell  everyone we can.
md gusty, 
etc etc. 

please if you can report the blog to tumblr staff, and help us in any way find the server host so we can file a dmca, this place needs to be taken down, 

not posting enough

2014-04-17 02:58:14 by tintheartist

sorry i dont post here all to often, just havent found the drive to do so, ill try to more, 


2013-11-17 17:47:09 by tintheartist

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